I work on a lot of projects. Generally I have too many things going on at once to make much progress in anything. I need to simplify my life, but that's just another project. I'm a crappy writer, a pisspoor puppeteer, a computer nerd, an investor, and a dabbler in internet technologies. I have published a book of my writing which you can buy here: Jackass Letters: Archive Volume 1 or you can just visit the website: Jackass Letters.

I spend too much time on Facebook and reddit and am sometimes found on Metafilter as well. You can follow me on twitter @cjorgensen or @jackassletters.

I like to write, and I wish I spent more time doing so. Pretty much my only real daily outlet for this is Facebook, but I plan to minimize my footprint there and start taking control of my own content again. I will still be on Facebook, but I plan to engage in POSSE Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. This site is my first step.

Picture of Christopher with an epic beard. Fear my beard!


I am going to try to maintain a list of puppetry links on pinboard. If you have a link you think you should have included, hit me up! A caricature of myself and my puppets Hoté and Spank by Kenny Durkin


  • Web stuff: I love HTML and CSS, but I am bored with the former and suck at the latter. I love playing around with content management systems and I currently use many. I am a dabbler in ExpressionEngine, barely know Drupal, Statamic, and Grav. I've used several that have died. I'm still looking for the best.
  • Puppets & Puppetry: I have maybe a dozen professional puppets and twice that for off-the-shelf. I have a handful of original characters.
  • Apple: I love their tech. Just assume I am running the current everything. I have the hardware and the software. iPads, iPhone, laptop, desktop, Apple TV, wireless. I'm also an investor and own about 1,500 shares.
  • Audio and Video: I would like to get better at this stuff, but there's only so many hours in the day. I currently have a video/audio studio in my house, but I don't spend enough time in it.
  • Collecting: I collect antique cabinet cards.

I'll probably add more.

My Sites

I have a lot of domains. I plan to pare them down a bit soon. Some of these sites are no longer even live or hosting content.

  1. jackassletters.com
  2. feltandfur.com
  3. thisflapfirst.com
  4. aaplisdoomed.com
  5. 12b.biz
  6. endtimesradio.com
  7. fervorflower.com
  8. puppypotpie.com
  9. letterstokrampus.com
  10. isrupertmurdochdead.com
  11. somedarkplace.com
  12. christopher.jorgensen.name

I've probably forgotten some.